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Infographic on How Women and Men Use Social Media and Mobile

When creating your company’s social media strategy, have you wondered if you are REALLY reaching your target market(s)? In particular, what are the differences in how women and men access and interact with social media, and how can you be most effective in your efforts to reach them? Alex Hillsberg and David Adelman have submitted a wonderful study at FinancesOnline.com that […]

words image | Content - Quantity or Quality?

Content – Quantity or Quality?

In the information-overload era we all live in we may be initially impressed with websites offering large volumes of content, but we return to sites that have the quality and context that provide value to us individually. Tim Berry offers his thoughts in On Content, Do You Want Quality or Quantity? He references a great […]

good-fit image | Social Media - Is it a Good Fit?

Social Media – Is it a Good Fit?

It can be ok for a business to limit or…gasp…say NO to their social media presence. Really. You’re not alone if you insist on evaluating a company’s criteria for success, ROI, and target market(s) before scoping social media campaigns. There are some good examples in Entrepreneur’s Is It Time for You to Get Anti-Social? by […]