Feedback Sampling

Steve’s knowledge of strategic marketing, branding, business development and having a great “sense” for the business are things that I have relied on from Steve many times over.

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Steve for over twenty years in a variety of organizations and in various roles and projects. His professionalism, integrity and competence are role-model.

Steve is in a class of his own in his values, ethics, stategic thinking and professionalism. Steve adds tremedous value to companies, organizations and individuals that he associates with.

Steve always did the right thing for the client and that’s what I respected about him the most.  A great guy and a great colleague.

Steve is passionate, dedicated and a very astute individual.  I worked very closely with him launching numerous service offerings, where we co-developed marketing and sales strategies for a multi-billion dollar business unit.

Steve is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the privilege to work with. He has an impressive ability to forge lasting business relationships with his warm, genial personality.

Steve is by far one of the foremost business professionals that I have ever worked with and one that I would highly recommend. He is highly ethical, hard working, and very detailed oriented.

Steve’s communication skills, which are of a very high level, coupled with his interpersonal skills make him a very good person to work with.

Steve is a great facilitator and has a strong skill set in his ability to bring a variety of opinionated individuals together as a team.

Steve is an exceptional business strategist with a keen grasp of the big picture. He excels at taking complex information and making it easier for everyone to understand.

Steve is someone I’ve grown to trust and respect. He is without doubt a person of high integrity and professionalism, and is always a gentleman.

Working with Steve was truly a great experience. If you get the chance to work with him on any level, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity. You’ll be glad you did.

Steve’s insight and the direction he provides to each project is well thought out and adds significantly to the success of the project.

Steve is great to work with. He understands how to think strategically and how to manage the creative process. He gives clear strategic direction and then let’s us execute. Steve knows how to lead people to their very best work.

Steve’s capabilities are rare in that he possess in-depth understanding of business, sales and technology – yet his most powerful attributes and contributions come in the area of strategy and marketing.

I had the opportunity to work with Steve at a senior level and watched first hand is ability to develop business opportunities, generate strategic value to those involved and build the necessary tactical framework for success.

Steve is well-connected in the local community and I can recommend Steve to any organization that needs attention to detail and integrity in the process.