Grow Your Biz.

Ensure your small business realizes its full potential.

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Grow Your Business

Brook Trout Marketing understands how to attract new qualified leads for your small business by creating an actionable and measurable marketing plan that accommodates your budget.
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Social Media Strategy

Brook Trout Marketing is experienced in identifying the most cost effective and successful methods to manage your online presence and attract new customers.
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Brand Management

Brook Trout Marketing can assist you in identifying how you want your customers and prospects to perceive you, and more importantly to ensure it is how you are ACTUALLY being perceived.


I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Steve for over twenty years in a variety of organizations and in various roles and projects. His professionalism, integrity and competence are role-model.

I had the opportunity to work with Steve at a senior level and watched first hand is ability to develop business opportunities, generate strategic value to those involved and build the necessary tactical framework for success.

Steve’s knowledge of strategic marketing, branding, business development and having a great “sense” for the business are things that I have relied on from Steve many times over.

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